About Us

Peak360° is not a gym; we are a community of fitness, located in the heart of South Miami, Florida. We coach our athletes individually or in energetic group classes. We utilize CrossFit as our primary training method for all of our athletes in order to achieve elite athletic performance. Our members are professional athletes, elementary students, doctors, house wives, artist, etc. and none of them use machines, treadmills, nor heart rate monitors. Instead we utilize functional movements to achieve our fitness/performance goals. We train these functional movements at high intensities with our own body weight, with barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics, sleds, tires, running and any other way we can possibly think of. Our workouts at Peak are always varied, and the atmosphere is extremely positive and motivating. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and support between all of the athletes, and it is what makes each workout an experience!

Our mission is simple, we are committed to developing champions…in life as well as in sports. We are devoted to providing our community with safe, effective, and energetic fitness programs for all ages and levels of expertise. We strive to establish a community of individuals who are fit in all aspects of the word; physically, mentally, and spiritually. We shall utilize fitness to educate, coach, and lead others towards the maximization of their potential; 360 degrees. Our aim is to instill fitness as a lifestyle not a duty, and to do the common uncommonly well. The satisfaction of our mission lies in showing people their perceived limits and fears, teaching them how to overcome them, and then celebrating their success as they surpass them!


Peak 360 Crossfit


Address: 6802 SW 81st St, Miami, FL 33143
Phone:(305) 661-1814